About the event

Enterprises across Southeast Asia are going through an unprecedented acceleration in digital innovation, directly resulting in enhanced productivity, growth and increased stakeholder value. The impact of this increased digitization is resulting in increased breach incidents in the region. At the core of it, is digital resilience that positions an enterprise to pivot fast, adapt to unpredictable environments, maintain seamless business continuity, secure the data and capitalize on opportunities. CXOs are fast realizing the immense potential of AI, quantum computing, Web 3.0 and other revolutionizing technologies.  The two-day virtual ISMG's Southeast Asia Summit brings together digital experts, innovators and thought leaders to discuss digital resilience, security, growth and business transformation. The summit will facilitate a crossover of cybersecurity and enterprise IT and provide a platform for CXOs, IT and security professionals to explore the latest trends, share insights and learn about best practices to protect against threats.     

During the virtual ISMG's Southeast Asia Summit, you can gain valuable insights into building and maintaining digital resilience, and learn how IT innovations are driving business transformation and protecting businesses against growing threats. The conference aims to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and practical insights that help organizations stay ahead of the curve.

You can earn CPE credits by attending the summit on both days - ISMG’s Cybersecurity Conference on September 6, 2023, and the Business Transformation Conference brought to you by CIO.inc on September 7, 2023. 

ISMG's agendas provide actionable education and exclusive networking opportunities with your peers and our subject matter expert speakers. 

Day 1: Cybersecurity Conference

At ISMG’s Cybersecurity Conference, industry experts gather to address the pressing issues of the digital age and explore key themes such as establishing robust IT and OT security, conquering insecurities in the supply chain, and the challenges CISOs face in navigating cloud migration. Panel discussions will cover the risks associated with the use of the metaverse in cybercrime investigation, and vulnerabilities posed by 5G adoption. 

Day 2: CIO.inc Business Transformation Conference

The Business Transformation Conference, presented by CIO.inc, will feature IT leaders who will explore the latest trends and advancements in technologies, and discuss key themes such as bridging the technology gaps between IT and OT, innovations in software supply chain processes, and the transformative power of enterprise cloud solutions. Panels will also address the debate of privacy versus technology innovation and examine the impact of 5G adoption on rewriting IT policies. 

Event Location




Wednesday - Thursday, September 6 - 7, 2023


2 Conferences | 20+ Sessions | 40+ International Thought Leaders | 4 Executive Roundtables


Who Should Attend

Chief Information Security Officers
Chief Information Officers
BFSI & FinTech
Chief Technology Officers
Energy & Utilities
Chief Data Officers
Directors, Vice Presidents, Heads – IT Infrastructure and Operations
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Directors, Vice Presidents, Heads – Security, Risk & Compliance
Chief Cyber Strategists
Retail & E-Commerce
Chief Privacy Officers
Digital Advisors, Policymakers and Law Enforcement Leaders

Why Attend

Insights from CXOs and Experts: The summit brings together digital experts, innovators, and thought leaders who will share valuable insights on building and maintaining digital resilience, leveraging AI, quantum computing, Web 3.0, and other transformative technologies.
Unprecedented Digital Innovation: The event showcases how enterprises in Southeast Asia are experiencing a remarkable acceleration in digital innovation, leading to increased productivity, growth, and stakeholder value.
Focus on Digital Resilience: The summit emphasizes the importance of digital resilience, enabling businesses to pivot quickly, adapt to unpredictable environments, ensure seamless business continuity, secure data, and capitalize on opportunities.
Cybersecurity and Business Transformation: The two-day event combines ISMG's Cybersecurity Conference and the Business Transformation Conference brought by CIO.inc, providing a comprehensive platform to explore the latest trends and best practices for protecting against threats while driving business transformation.
Networking Opportunities: Attendees will have exclusive networking opportunities with peers and subject matter experts, fostering meaningful connections and the exchange of ideas and practical insights.
Addressing Key Industry Challenges: The event addresses pressing issues of the digital age, including robust IT and OT security, supply chain insecurities, cloud migration challenges, the metaverse in cybercrime investigation, vulnerabilities related to 5G adoption, bridging technology gaps, software supply chain innovations, privacy versus technology innovation, and the impact of 5G on IT policies.
Case studies from cloud and IT infrastructure leaders
Opportunities for attendees to meet with IT vendors and learn about their products and services
Networking opportunities throughout the day

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